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    Obviously it can be discerned from my website and social media that I typically use the title Goddess. The reason for this is that initially I felt that Mistress was not something that resonated. However, when I play and a scenario that calls for it I do enjoy the title Mistress but it is not...
    April 17, 2019 · 30 Days of Ds
    It is the next day in the 30 days of D/s blog posts and the topic is on submission. When I meditated on this topic the first thing that came to mind is a submissive is someone who chooses to submit to the will of a Dominant. They put their trust in them when they offer their gift of submission....
    April 15, 2019 · 30 Days of Ds
    What does Dominance mean to you? Dominance- power and influence over others is how the dictionary would define it. However within the realm of BDSM Dominance takes on a much broader and deeper meaning. I’ve often viewed Dominance as being the facilitator, the guide on the journey of kinky...
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